What next for crew in the post-yachting landscape? (29 July 2023)

Is the industry doing enough to tap into the experience of those who eventually decide to jump ship?
Crew retention is a hotly debated topic within the superyacht industry. Dedicated conferences and multiple crew-survey data sets corroborate the conversations surrounding the lack of longevity and the potential reasons why. While most crew have an expiry date for the ‘right’ time to leave, what are their potential longer-term prospects? How do crew contemplate their next steps on transitioning to shore, and is the industry doing enough to pave the way?

The reasons behind leaving a vessel vary and can stem from the desire for a career change or a better work-life balance to a change in circumstances. “Not everybody is going to spend their whole lifetime working at sea, few people do, but eventually, there are a few different factors driving people ashore,” says Emma Baggett, founder of The OM, which offers life-after-yachting support.


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