New superyacht brokerage show to be held in May (January 9, 2018)

pablopeiro : enero 9, 2018 9:19 am : Press

This year’s event will be held at Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Vell
A new superyacht brokerage show to be held this year at Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Vell has been announced by LYBRA, the Large Yacht Brokers Association. The new event, which runs from May 2-5, is being supported by MYBA (the worldwide yachting association), whose infrastructure from the MYBA Charter Show held at the same location from April 23-26, 2018 will be made available.
Eric Blair, secretary general of LYBRA, told IBI: “We have been working on this idea for couple of years but it has just taken this time to organise the event. Each of LYBRA’s nine members will have seven berths.”
Patrick Coote, former managing director of Blohm & Voss, will work alongside Blair in organising the event.
LYBRA describes the show as having a “fresh, unique and appealing format. It will offer buyers and charterers, as well as their brokers and representatives, the opportunity to step on board some of the finest superyachts in the world, in an exclusive and private setting.
“Complementing the on-water display will be a hand-picked selection of some of the world’s premier luxury products and lifestyle brands.
“Traditionally, boat shows have a strong business-to-business element whereby industry professionals come together to trade specialist products and services. These are essential elements for builders and operators, but they’re not conducive to creating a truly ‘luxury experience’ for yacht buyers.
“The Superyacht Show will be a client-centric showcase that delivers the optimum buyer experience by attracting the highest-quality superyachts and yachting companies, the most prestigious sponsors, global luxury brands, and the most discerning visitors.”
Jonathan Beckett, LYBRA president, commented: “Our long-term plans are ambitious but also realistic. The idea of a client-focused show was put forward several years ago and we’ve been working on the details for quite some time. We have a great team in place and while our expectations for the first year are modest, I’m confident we’re laying a very solid foundation for the future.
“2018 will see the participation of all our member companies and in 2019 we aim to incorporate a number of top-quality shipyards and other exhibitors,” he adds. “Everyone is welcome to visit the show, since our ultimate aim is to benefit the clients, brokers and the industry as a whole.”
“The collective fleet of superyachts that LYBRA members represent for sale and charter is hugely significant. Our members are acutely aware of their responsibility to exhibit their client’s vessels at a time and place that is most likely to produce serious enquiries from qualified buyers. Over time, we therefore plan to develop the show into the definitive, pre-summer buying opportunity in the Mediterranean.”
LYBRA is a trade association for superyacht brokerage companies who have a fleet of Central Agency yachts with a length greater than 30m. Its current members are Burgess, Camper & Nicholsons International, Edmiston, Fraser, IYC, Merle Wood & Associates, Northrop & Johnson, Ocean Independence and Yachtzoo.
The new show comes at the end of a tight session of charter and brokerage shows. This starts with the MYBA Charter Show from April 23-26 in Barcelona, followed by the Palma International Boat Show/Palma Superyacht Show from April 27-May 1, the Mediterranean Yacht Show at Nafplion in Greece from April 28-May 1 and the new event in Barcelona from May 2-5.
Fiona Maureso, president of MYBA, told IBI: “There have been complaints about the shows so close together but we could not leave the Superyacht Show any later or else the charter season would have started.”

New superyacht brokerage show to be held in May _ IBI Plus International Boa

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New COO at Camper & Nicholsons Marinas (November 10, 2017)

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* Dan Hughes joins company as chief operating officer
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas has announced a new role within the company with the appointment of Dan Hughes as chief operating officer (COO).
Hughes will be directly responsible for the day-to-day management and operational aspects within the C&NM portfolio. He will continue to provide advice and support to C&N’s consultancy clients, implementing and monitoring management contracts and supporting the colleagues within C&NM’s joint venture in Asia, Camper & Nicholsons First Eastern.
Hughes will also further assist the C&NM Board and Executive Committee in seeking new investment and development opportunities at principal marina locations on behalf of the group.
Hughes has more than 25 years of direct marina management experience working with some of the most established marinas throughout the UK and worldwide. He also sits on the Board of the Global Marina Institute and is the current chairman of the European Certificated Marina Managers (CMM) Group.
Since 2012, Hughes has been directly involved in over 45 projects around the world including the refurbishment and redevelopment of St Katharine Docks in London, UK.
Clive Whiley, CEO, Camper & Nicholsons Marinas, says: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Hughes as COO. The Camper & Nicholsons Marinas business has seen significant improvement with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13% in the operating performance of our owned marinas over the past five years.”
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Camper & Nicholsons Marina Investments Ltd, listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange. Camper & Nicholsons Marinas currently operate marinas in Grenada, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and the UK.

New COO at Camper & Nicholsons Marinas _ IBI Plus International Boat Industr


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Kymeta and e3 Systems win ISS innovation award (November 10, 2017)

pablopeiro : noviembre 10, 2017 10:43 am : Press

Kymeta’s flat panel antenna takes award during FLIBS – see it in action during the show on an exclusive VIP yacht tour…
It’s not a bad way to kick off your Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – scooping the Excellence in Innovation award at the International Superyacht Society’s gala evening – but for metamaterials antenna company Kymeta and their exclusive superyacht distribution partner e3 Systems it comes as further proof that the mTenna flat panel solution is a winner. “It is a real honour to receive this award from the ISS and I’d like to thank everyone at e3, Kymeta and our partners for all their hard work,” comments Roger Horner, group managing director of e3 Systems. “I’d also like to offer our gratitude to the owner and crew of White Rose of Drachs and Maltese Falcon for their part in the successful sea trials which have been fundamental in bringing this game-changing technology to market and ensuring that reliable, ubiquitous, mobile connectivity on the water is now a reality.”
That the technology has proven successful in real-world conditions has been amply demonstrated after several months of trials aboard both the aforementioned White Rose and Maltese Falcon. Of course, very few people get to enjoy time aboard the iconic superyacht Maltese Falcon, much less cruise or join her on passage. There are a couple of ways of getting there – you could charter the yacht, or join the crew or just perhaps, as in the case of Mikala Johnson, you could do your PhD in metamaterials technology. Admittedly, it’s an extreme route to pursue for that one goal and for Johnson really it’s a bonus that has come five years after completing her thesis – the first to tackle such subject matter. “I got involved before the technology left Intellectual Ventures,” she explains as we stand on deck in front of Maltese Falcon’s bridge. “They had already build a little one-dimensional scanning prototype and then I started doing numerical modelling of the antenna and how we were going to make it bigger, and how we were going to form the beam on these larger antennas. That was part of my thesis work, which also included adjacent satellite interference cancellation and essentially trying to get the best beams off the antenna.”
The success of Johnson’s work and contribution to the successful trialling of the antennas aboard both the Falcon and aboard motor yacht White Rose of Drachs is plain to see by the reactions of the captains of both yachts (click here for our exclusive report from the Monaco Yacht Show in September). So how did all that translate into joining Maltese Falcon for the passage from the Caribbean to Bermuda? “Once we got the beam forming done it was all about pointing and tracking, which we did around seven months ago,” she smiles. “I wanted to take it out and see how it actually worked on a boat, because we always test a lot on land vehicles and boats behave differently.” It proved key that Johnson was on board – getting reliable data on how boats move and how quickly, along with information on mast blockage and satellite acquisition times, has been critical in fine-tuning the antenna’s performance and in solving some of the more complex problems such as handling the symbol rate of older satellites. “It was something we hadn’t run into before because we hadn’t put the antenna on a bunch of different carriers,” she explains. “So fortunately we found this out then because now we need exactly that fix for the KALO service – the problem lay in the automatic signalling carriers (ASC) which are very low symbol rate. But we were able to solve that problem – it was a good thing to find!”
The KALO service – which is powered by Intelsat’s FLEX network – is an integral part of the Kymeta flat panel solution. It is a foundation satellite service that comes with the panel, offering a complementary 12 months of connection with a 4mb/s down and 1mb/s up speed, and 40gb of data per month included. It means that a Kymeta panel – which also comes with all necessary hardware including an X7 modem – can be taken out of the box, quickly wired in, switched on and be delivering satellite comms in under 10 minutes. It’s an impressive proposition, and what’s more e3 Systems have deliberately refused to tie the Kymeta panels to a particular service provider.
The result of this could prove of considerable interest to the wider superyacht fleet, not just in the flexibility to select the package that best suits each yacht’s profile, but also because it could be the spark that ignites something of a package war between the different providers. “I absolutely insisted in making sure the panel is open for all service providers who can deliver Ku-band HTS or broadbeam solutions,” says Horner. “It means we can create a much bigger marketplace and we have different options and types of services on offer. The service providers will compete against each other, so it’s in the consumers’ interests to have these options. There isn’t a single service provider that meets everything that every yacht does, and what might be good for the Med might not be good for, say, the Indian Ocean so you need to be able to switch service providers to suit.”
With the KALO service coming with 12 months of airtime included, is there really a need to look at other service providers? The answer, generally, is maybe, because flexibility is the key. “The panel comes with the X7 modem and 12 months of bandwidth, but we can then put in a second modem with a dedicated service from one of our service providers,” Horner suggests. “The intention then is to be able to provide a bandwidth-on-demand switch between the two, on a touch panel, to be able to switch into a dedicated high-bandwidth service when there are owners, family and guests on board, where the KALO service can be complemented by third party providers when higher bandwidth CIR services are required.”
The flat panel solution should be ready for delivery to the wider yacht market from January 2018 in a single-panel solution at around $62,000, which the trials have shown can be a good solution for smaller vessels or those mainly based in the traditional Med and Caribbean cruising grounds. For yachts who want more throughput or who are travelling to higher latitudes, a multi-panel solution – which will likely be in the region of just under $200,000 all in for a four-panel system – is recommended, and the availability of this is predicted to be around April 2018 when the combiner technology that has been trialled this year should have been finalised and entered production phase. It’s all part of the crawl-walk-run approach that Kymeta is taking to the development of the panels and the market, and the nature of the core technology of the panels – which shares the same tech used in modern flatscreen televisions – means mass production is feasible as demand increases. This also means, of course, that the prices of future panels should tumble as economies of scale take effect.
“The crawl phase,” explains Håkan Olsson, vice president maritime at Kymeta, “is more as it relates to the size of the market – superyachts are a good example. The walk phase is when we take it to the next level with slightly larger markets where we will also have a more economical terminal solution which is a little more integrated as well. The run phase is personal vehicles like cars, as well as pleasure boats down to 9m or so, where you’re talking about tens of millions of units per year. That’s where Kymeta’s tech is really differentiated from other flat panels because both the cost drop and the manufacturing scale are achievable. It’s the only flat panel tech that I’m aware of where you can automate manufacturing and utilise the $500 billion that’s been invested by the TV industry to get high volume, highly reliable production of televisions.”
The proof, of course, is in the pudding. If you missed the chance to see the panels on board Maltese Falcon or White Rose during this year’s Monaco show, there is a second chance to see the panels installed and in operation during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show from 1 to 5 November. At FLIBS, Kymeta and e3 are offering VIP tours to see the panels on board the 47m motor yacht Usher (ex-Mr Terrible) and a 16m Shredder motor yacht. Click here for more information and to register your interest.
We take a detailed look at the Kymeta trialling process aboard both Maltese Falcon and White Rose of Drachs in issue 183 of The Superyacht Report. Have you subscribed to The ‘new’ Superyacht Report? If you are a captain, owner, yacht manager, chief engineer, first officer, broker, designer, senior shipyard management, an owner’s representative, investor, or a family office, you are eligible for a complimentary annual subscription to the only superyacht industry publication worth reading. To apply for your VIP subscription, click here.
Technology will also be a key focus in this year’s The Superyacht Forum, taking place 13-16 November at Amsterdam RAI, and both Kymeta and e3 will be actively involved in panels and workshops during the event. Following a theme of A 10-year Blueprint for the Superyacht Market, the forum is set to be the networking highlight of the superyacht calendar, with 800 delegates and key decision makers from the technology, operations, owner and family office, project management, yard and construction sectors brought together to discuss the key factors affecting and influencing our industry. To book your place and for further information, click here. – Technology – Kymeta and e3 Systems win ISS innovation a

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MB92 acquires majority stake in Compositeworks (November 8, 2017)

pablopeiro : noviembre 8, 2017 7:00 pm : Press

*The company plans to establish La Ciotat as a major hub for superyacht refits
Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92) today announced that it has formally taken a 75% stake in Compositeworks. The refit yard has facilities in La Ciotat and La Rochelle, France. Terms were not disclosed.
The agreement was signed between the two parties on October 31 in Barcelona.
Compositeworks’ website said it could accommodate any size superyacht, with 1.5km of drydocks. It has a staff of about 120 workers.
Benjamin Mennem will continue as president along with the current executive team, according to a statement. MB92, Compositeworks and Blohm+Voss La Ciotat, a shipyard managed by MB92 and located next to Compositeworks, will work together to take full advantage of the La Ciotat facilities.
“We believe in the development of La Ciotat as a world-class Refit & Repair centre,” said Pepe García-Aubert of MB92 in the statement. “This is not only due to its location but also the immense industrial possibilities based there. Through working closely with all La Ciotat Shipyards (SEMIDEP), we are absolutely convinced that in just a few years we will consolidate La Ciotat as a global reference point for excellence.”

MB92 acquires majority stake in Compositeworks _ IBI Plus International Boat

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How to obtain the Ship’s Cook Certificate (October 18, 2017)

pablopeiro : octubre 18, 2017 5:18 pm : Press – Crew – How to obtain the Ship’s Cook CertificateThe next issue of The Crew Report takes a closer look at the Ship’s Cook Certificate…
The Ship’s Cook Certificate (SCC) is a mandatory requirement for chefs working on commercially registered vessels operating more than 60 miles offshore, and with 10 or more crew on board. The qualification replaces the previous Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Ships’ Cooks) Regulations 1981. Chefs can qualify for the Certificate of Competency (CoC) from the age of 18 and, to be eligible, applicants are also required to have completed the STCW basic safety courses and hold an ENG1 or equivalent.
While many in the galley department have naturally opposed the requirements, claiming it is an additional waste of time and funds for yacht chefs who often have invested resources in other qualifications and experience, the regulations are in place and should be accepted. What does need to change, however, is the superyacht industry’s understanding of the certificate: the value of it, what it is and what needs to be done to get it.
A key step towards achieving the Ship’s Cook Certificate is to take the Assessment in Marine Cookery. One common misunderstanding is that this assessment is same as the Ship’s Cook Certificate, and many CVs claim that chefs hold the certificate when, in fact, they have completed only the marine assessment. But there is more to be done.
Firstly, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) application form must be printed and carefully completed, and sent together with all valid certificates (originals or attested), including the STCW, ENG1, MCA-approved Food Hygiene Level 2 and the Assessment in Marine Cookery. Then sea service must be shown in entries in a Seafarer’s Discharge Book, by Certificates of Discharge or Sea Service Testimonials signed by the captain. Proof of experience as a chef, or as a cook in a professional working environment, must also be sent, alongside two colour, full-face, UK-approved passport photos, one of which must be countersigned by a professional.
It is worth noting that the MCA will no longer accept online or ‘in-house’ food safety certification – these qualifications must be attained through an accredited provider with a physical supervised examination. If chefs already hold a valid UK Ship’s Cook Certificate under the Merchant Shipping Regulations 1981, or hold professional chef qualifications, the MCA may accept these as evidence of accredited prior learning, and you may need to only complete certain elements to apply for the SCC.
At the time of writing, the MCA lists six locations in the UK and France that can administer the Assessment in Marine Cookery: South Tyneside College, the City of Glasgow College, Dumfries and Galloway College, Entier Limited, Bluewater Antibes and Tante Marie Culinary Academy. Many of these locations will offer additional help for candidates for certain theory and practical aspects of the assessment. For example, Tante Marie’s full four-day prep and assessment, including one day of Food Safety Level 2, costs £1,000.
While the obtaining a SCC might seem an arduous task to yacht chefs who have already invested heavily in their careers, those who do hold it are arguably in a much stronger position for the roles they are applying for. Whether the SCC is required for a job application or not, it confirms that the candidate is up to date with all documentation and has been proactive in doing so. For those who decide not to pursue it, there will still be jobs out there but options may be limited as the superyacht fleet continuously increases in size and professionalism. – Crew – How to obtain the Ship’s Cook Certificate

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Monaco Yacht Show 2017: Review (October 18, 2017)

pablopeiro : octubre 18, 2017 5:08 pm : Press

Does last week’s show retain its status as the king of all the yacht shows?
Throughout this year’s show, there were many signs of the industry waking up to our market’s negative environmental impact. Many events, such as Y.CO’s breakfast with ocean conservationist Emily Penn, looked to either introduce their environmental plans and initiatives, or encourage donations to charities they had pledged to support. In my opinion, this is a huge step forward for the sector, indicating a progressive attitude in what can be – at times – a very insular market. SYBAss officially launched the Superyacht Life Foundation, a new charitable entity that aims to promote the superyacht experience to the wider world. However, it will be interesting to see if these initiatives and campaigns remain a part of these companies’ plans at future shows.
It appears that Monaco does still remain the time and place to announce collaborations. The biggest piece of industry news was the confirmation of MB92’s acquisition of Compositeworks; Compositeworks’ management will remain the same.
Project Neptune is the exciting new concept from Triton Submarines and renowned British automotive giant Aston Martin, joining the growing number of superyacht manufacturers and designers looking outside of the market for opportunities to reach new clients.
I can’t help but think that the exciting announcements may have resonated more with the industry if revealed separately from the show. The few days you are walking around Port Hercules are a sensory overload. With so much information being revealed, it is hard to truly appreciate and consider the abundance of market intelligence that is being shared, when you are constantly on the move.
Of course, Monaco’s raison d’être is the buying and selling of yachts. Happily, many brokers reported a successful show, indicating that potential buyers do attend the show with serious intent. Of course, only time will tell if the many meetings bring sales and fresh clients into the market, and a serious enquiry at MYS can often lead to a sale many months down the line. The show’s organisers had worked to increase the UHNW audience, with new VIP concierge services and areas, designed to add new elements to the show that appeal to the consumer. With that in mind, the second annual Monaco Yacht Show Summit returned this year, with the aim of educating new clients about the intricacies of superyacht ownership.
The social calendar this year was packed, and I can only foresee this increasing exponentially with each coming year. Companies who wish to host events are competing with each other for attendees, with some nights – notably this year’s Thursday evening – seeing umpteen drinks receptions and networking events, meaning some spend most of the evening rushing between events to ensure they meet all the right people. The calendar is gradually stretching to now include events prior to, and after the show’s official timings. As a result, more people are obligated to extend their time in Monte Carlo, hoping to avoid the superyacht industry’s own version of FOMO.
In many conversations throughout the show, the sentiment I encountered was that if you’re in the industry then you must attend Monaco; but many see it as a daunting prospect, rather than a pleasant experience. Yes, the show is great to catch-up with acquaintances and meet people, but the sheer size of the event means that it’s almost impossible to engage with each stand; business cards are exchanged and short conversations are had, but meeting all one wants to connect with appears an insurmountable task.
So, now the event is over, is Monaco still a must? Yes. However, I believe that there are two parallel versions of the show that cohabitate with each other. One is the ‘owner’ show, which brokers and shipyards experience; the B2C engagement that sees new clients seeing boats and introducing yachts to their potential owners. The second is the ‘industry’ show, where companies looking to work together will network and discover the new services and products available.
Although I’m sure many owners attended the show, I would be intrigued to know what the percentage of owners to industry representatives was throughout last week. Gradually, I think these ‘two shows’ will grow apart, under the colossal umbrella of the Monaco Yacht Show, and may result in a slight identity crisis that will have to be addressed by both the show’s organisers, and its visitors. – Opinion – Monaco Yacht Show 2017_ Review

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Azimut-Benetti assumes full ownership of Fraser (October 18, 2017)

pablopeiro : octubre 18, 2017 4:59 pm : Press

The acquisition is a key step in Azimut-Benetti’s development and expansion strategy
The Azimut-Benetti Group has assumed full ownership of Fraser. The company previously owned 83% of Fraser, but acquired the remaining 17% from minority shareholder V.Ships. Exact financial terms were not disclosed.
Azimut-Benetti said that the acquisition was a key step in its development and expansion strategy. The Fraser Group is the world’s largest provider of consulting services for yachts and superyachts. Its services include sales, charter retail, charter management, yacht management and crew placement. The company buys and sells over 50 superyachts each year, with revenues exceeding more than half a billion Euro. The Group also manages 120 superyachts. It has offices in 14 cities around the world.
“Azimut|Benetti’s operation will allow Fraser to continue the growth trend that has been going on for years and has led the company to a leading position in the industry,” said a statement. As part of its expansion, the company recently established new offices have been set up in New York and Hong Kong.
“This recent acquisition is part of the strategic plan of our Group to offer the owners not only the most beautiful yachts, but also the utmost in service,” says Paolo Vitelli, president of the Azimut-Benetti Group, in a statement. “We are the only player in the yachting industry that takes care of the owner during the entire process.”
The Group also mentioned several goals for its Benetti division. They include strengthening its leadership in southern Europe, increasing its business in the 90m-plus superyacht segment, and launching the new Oasis collection.
The Azimut Yachts division will continue the “intense” launch schedule of yachts from its five collections. The brand has made sizable investments in research and development in order to fund an aggressive new-product schedule.

Azimut-Benetti assumes full ownership of Fraser _ IBI Plus International Boa

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MB92 to acquire 75% stake in Compositeworks (October 18, 2017)

pablopeiro : octubre 18, 2017 11:03 am : Press

Plans for superyacht refit firms to join forces revealed at Monaco Yacht Show
In a joint statement at the Monaco Yacht Show today, French refit and repair firm Compositeworks (CW) and Barcelona-based MB92 revealed detailed plans for the two organisations to join forces.
In line with French protocol, the plans have been submitted to the workers of Compositeworks with a view to completing the arrangements before the end of 2017. Under the plans, MB92 will acquire a 75% majority stake in Compositeworks. The Turkish Dogus Group owns a 70% share in MB92.
Compositeworks began operations in La Ciotat, France in 1998 as a composite boat builder and is now a pre-eminent refit and repair facility on the French Mediterranean coast. It also operates the Atlantic refit facility in La Rochelle.
Ben Mennem, president and co-founder of Compositeworks, told IBI: “MB92 will buy a majority share of 75% in Compositeworks. The Compositeworks brand will continue and there will be no other changes. This is a big day for the company, which has grown from humble beginnings in La Ciotat to become one of the industry’s leading operators in refit and repair. I strongly believe this arrangement provides a platform from which the two companies can lead this growing industry.”
Pepe Garcia-Aubert, managing director of MB92, commented: “We have been looking to expand our operations outside of Barcelona and Compositeworks represents the ideal partner to strengthen our policy of excellence and efficiency of our services. CW has a strong presence in the Cote d’Azur and together, with our combined facilities, we will offer more flexibility and we expect synergies to drive better results for our customers.”
Established in Barcelona in 1992, MB92 claims to be the largest dedicated superyacht refit and repair company in the world. The majority stake is held by D-Marine Investments Holding BV, a subsidiary of the Dogus Group which has a wide spread of interests in leisure, entertainment and hospitality globally.
Dogus appears to have ambitions to set up a network of refit and repair operations. It is also working with Lürssen subsidiary Blohm & Voss in La Citoat and several months ago they were in negotiations to buy NCP in Croatia.
Dogus, apart from its refit facilities, is a major marina operator with locations in Turkey, Greece and Croatia.

MB92 to acquire 75% stake in Compositeworks _ IBI Plus International Boat In

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Qatari bank and investor partner acquire OneOcean Port Vell (September 18, 2017)

pablopeiro : septiembre 18, 2017 9:37 am : Press

Salamanca Bank decided it was time to sell
A leading Qatari bank and a regulated investment fund have acquired Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Vell (OOPV) marina from the Salamanca Group for an undisclosed sum.
The bank is QInvest LLC, a leading Qatari investment bank and one of the Gulf Co-operation Council’s most prominent financial institutions. It has bought OOPV through its wholly-owned subsidiary BOH LLC and in conjunction with its partner, a regulated investment fund beneficially-owned by the Vagit Alekperov family.
The purchase follows an agreement reached with the current owner, Salamanca Group, the privately-held merchant banking business, that has developed OOPV and transformed it into the leading marina in Barcelona. Salamanca Group identified it was now appropriate to bring in strategic owners that have the profile and local presence in Barcelona to invest in and further develop such a distinguishing hallmark of the city.
In this regard, QInvest has an extensive and successful investment track record in the real estate and infrastructure sectors in Barcelona. A dedicated team combining the expertise of both joint venture partners will focus on managing and overseeing the growth of OOPV to maintain and enhance its positioning within the European superyacht marina market.
Tamim Hamad Al-Kawari, CEO of QInvest, said: “We are very pleased to be leading the new ownership of One Ocean Port Vell. As one of the most prestigious marinas in the region, situated in one of Europe’s leading cities, we are confident about its prospects for the future.”
Craig Cowie, head of Real Estate Investment & Advisory at QInvest, added: “This is a good asset which we have supported for a number of years. Following its extensive redevelopment in recent years, OOPV now has significant potential for growth and we are committed to working hand-in-hand with the regulatory authorities (including the Barcelona Port Authority), the wider local community and all other stakeholders to support its continued development and success.”
This announcement follows on from a number of investments QInvest has made in Europe across multiple asset classes and geographies.
Paul Cook, general manager of OneOcean Port Vell, said: “This is excellent news for OneOcean Port Vell. The vision of the new board will allow us to build on and consolidate the marina as a leading winter home port and summer destination for superyachts.”

Qatari bank and investor partner acquire OneOcean Port Vell _ IBI Plus Inter

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Camper & Nicholsons forms Asian holding company (September 6, 2017)

pablopeiro : septiembre 6, 2017 8:55 am : Press

*Expansion throughout region planned
A new company, Camper & Nicholsons Asia Holdings, has been launched in Hong Kong by its 50% shareholder Lai Sun Development Co Ltd. Lai Sun bought its 50% stake in Camper & Nicholsons International (CNI) in 2016 and Fincantieri increased its holding to become the other 50% shareholder in CNI.
The new Asian holding company is a 50/50 joint venture between CNI and Lai Sun Development and according to accompany statement “it will seamlessly integrate into Camper & Nicholsons’ network of global operations.”
Since becoming a CNI shareholder, Lai Sun is said to have “moved aggressively to strengthen every facet of the C&N business”.
“Lai Sun’s partnership in our expansion into Asia provides a major strategic advantage to our business. It is of paramount importance to work with prominent local partners to achieve success in Asia. Lai Sun brings a tremendous network of UHNW Asian clientele, extensive existing operations throughout the region, and stabilising long-term investment,” says Paolo Casani, chief executive officer of CNI.
The Camper & Nicholsons Asia legal entity will operate under the established CNI brand, with exclusive rights to open offices in the Asia territory and offer yacht brokerage, charter and management services. The new venture will be led by Carmen Lau in her position as managing director. Ms Lau is native Chinese and educated in Toronto, Canada. She brings extensive experience in the superyacht industry, including roles with Benetti and work with numerous shipyards throughout Europe and Asia as owner’s representative overseeing new-build projects.
Peter Lam, chairman of the Lai Sun Group, added: “We are excited by the strategic direction being taken by CNI and view this expansion into Asia as a great opportunity. We look forward to supporting the C&N team to fully realise the full potential of the Camper & Nicholsons brand.”
As reported by Camper & Nicholsons’ strategic partner Wealth-X in their Billionaire Census 2017, one-third of the top 30 billionaire cities are in Asia-Pacific. There are more billionaires and collective billionaire wealth in Asia-Pacific (632 billionaires and $1.6tr) than the Middle East, Latin America and Africa combined. As Chinese billionaires are generally younger than the global mean, with one-third aged under 50, and are predominantly self-made, the view is that these individuals are well placed to help accelerate an active interest in yachting in the region.
The potential of the Asian market is therefore significant to the future of the yachting sector. Through this joint venture and opportunity to leverage such a prominent local Asia partner, Camper & Nicholsons looks to strength its brand globally – reinforcing its standing as the world’s leading yachting company.
Lai Sun is a major player in luxury services throughout Asia, with a portfolio that includes several Michelin star restaurants, luxury residential and commercial developments in Hong Kong and China, and luxury hotel developments in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. It is regarded as the most diversified leading Chinese-language entertainment provider in Asia.

Camper & Nicholsons forms Asian holding company _ IBI Plus International Boa

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