MB92 Group announces ‘Refit for the Future’ (26 April 2023)

The dedicated sustainability refit service aims to help reduce the environmental impact of yachts, cut operational and financing costs, and protect resale value…
‘Refit for the Future!’ aims to bring a wide range of sustainability solutions to the refit sector via short to long-term solutions implemented over a series of refits. MB92 hopes that the service can lay a platform for vessels to remain as low impact as possible across operational and refit lifecycles.
According to a statement from MB92 Group, “There are approximately 6,000 superyachts over 30 metres in length currently in operation worldwide and an increasing number of proven solutions that have the potential to lessen their impact on the environment. Many of these solutions offer multiple advantages for owners such as greater comfort, cost savings, improved fuel economy, increased yacht re-sale value and an overall reduction in the end-users individual carbon footprint.”


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