Young workers tell us what it’s really like working on super yachts overseas (27 May 2014)

CRUISING around the Mediterranean and Caribbean, earning thousands of tax-free dollars, partying with celebs and royalty. Forget working in an English pub, there’s a new scene young people are flocking to.
Superyacht Crew Academy’s director Deborah Brown said there has been huge growth in the number of young people going to work on boats overseas.
Most find work as captains, deckhands or stewardesses on gleaming yachts owned by the world’s super rich, which can earn them up to $195,000 a year tax-free — depending on their role and size of the boat.
“They’re travelling with the world’s rich and famous. They have adventures, it’s well paid … There’s a lot of glamour attached to it too which is undeniable but it’s absolutely a lot of hard work,” she said.
But despite the glitz of working in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale and St Barts, it can be a gruelling job with long-hours, cramped living conditions and a “pressure cooker” environment. Here three young people give us the inside scoop on what working on a super yacht is really like:

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