What do you think of brokers? (5 May 2022)

Exploring where value is added and where improvements can be made to this essential sector…
Anyone who understands the superyacht industry properly understands that good brokers and brokerage houses are worth their weight in gold, but not all brokers or businesses are created equal. As part of a major research project, we want to understand what the brokerage community can do better to help continue and build upon the excellent sales momentum generated over the last two years across both second-hand and new build sales.
While few would have predicted such a staggeringly strong performance on the part of the brokerage sector at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, in the two years that followed the superyacht market, across second-hand and new build sales, has proved itself to not only be remarkably resilient, but this supposedly conservative market has also showcased that it is incredibly adaptable. Nevertheless, we still hear too many stories about instances where brokers or brokerage houses have fallen short of the expected levels of knowledge and service, and at times struggled to justify significant commissions.

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