True cost of owning a super yacht (April 25, 2015)

Owning a super yacht means not only the initial capital outlay, but also costs associated with the running of it, often stretching into seven figures.
On average, a super yacht owner spends $400,000 on fuel, $350,000 on docking, $24,000 on insurance, $1m on maintenance and repairs and $1.4m on crew salaries per year.
A super yacht that is 100-metre long, with 25 knots top speed and 50 crew should cost about $275m on average, according to Towergate Insurance.
Given below is an infographic produced by Towergate, giving the lowdown on the most expensive yachts, who buys them and how much they have to pay to keep them afloat

True cost of owning a super yacht.

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