The Malta model (11 December 2023)

Alison Vassallo discusses Malta’s plans to build a thriving superyacht jurisdiction as it moves to provide more than just regulatory frameworks…
The Maltese government has proposed a strategy detailing its vision for a thriving domestic superyacht industry, which was announced by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Dr Aaron Farrugia on the 21st of November. Speaking with SuperyachtNews, Dr Alison Vassallo, Chair of The Malta Chamber’s Yachting Business Section and Partner at Fenech and Fenech Advocates details the intricacies of the proposal, whilst addressing the reaction post the announcement.

“The document itself is an extensive presentation of industry-led proposals collated over several months using a far-reaching consultation process intended to address all the requirements needed to build a leading superyacht jurisdiction here in Malta,” she says. “It also represents a first-ever exercise of its type, laying the groundwork for the committed formulation by the authorities of a dedicated Superyacht Policy for Malta. The next step is for the Government to conduct an economic impact assessment, which will inform and model the proposed strategy.”

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