The largest luxury sailing yachts of the world come together on Wednesday for the Superyacht Cup Palma (June 14, 2015)

*The competion that will take place in palma´s Bay will start next wednesday
*This regatta will move over 1.000 people during the 4 days of the event.
*The economic Benefit impact for Palma can exceed 4 million euros.
The Moll Vell Port of Palma welcomes once again the longest and oldest regatta in Europe. The Superyacht Cup ( SYC) 2015 Palma celebrates its nineteenth edition in the Bay of Palma welcoming the largest and most prestigious sailing yachts worldwide .

A total of 21 large great length yacths from 12 boatyards, will sail Majorcan waters the next 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of June to compete in one of the most important races around the Mediterranean and the second most important worldwide in its category .

Luxury yachts of 24-60 meters long, crewed by top competition sailors from top competition,will dispute the first prizes in their categories this is an international regatta and that most of the yachts are from different countrys of the world such as Holland, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

An economic impact of EUR 4 million

Without doubt, the Superyacht Cup positions the city of Palma as one of the leading nautical tourism destinations worldwide. Four days in which not only the competition generates a lot of jobs in both local and foreign companies , but also becomes a great meeting point for thousands of visitors.

We have to notably point out that only for the marine industry the Superyacht Cup moves more than 1,000 people between participants, fellow travellers,accredited staff , workers and onboard crew, not forgetting all those nautical and sea lovers that make these days a “must” in Palma.

Many people who during their stay in Palma will carry out a major economic spend on the different services such as dining , tourism, and all commercial and social outlets that the island has to offer. According to a study by the Chamber of Commerce at the time, the economic impact of the participants could be around between 3 and 4 million euros.

Although the competition lasts four days , participants arrive in Palma several days in advance and return to their countries of origin several days after the race as finished. This provides Palma with visitors in an average for10 days during the dates of the regatta. It is also important to note that many yachts use their stay in the port of Palma for repairs, in this case the average duration of the crew in Palma exceeds 100 days.

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