The Consortium: 3 Experts – 1 Solution (4 June 2013)

An Agreement was signed between Aage Hempel Netherlands, Tijssen Elektro and e3 Systems at the end of May to form The Consortium.
The Consortium is a collection of 3 expert technical companies, each with their own pedigree and skill sets, all of which are backed by a wealth of experience.
These companies have joined together to offer a new build service for super yachts that uniquely lasts for the full life cycle of the yacht.
It starts at the yacht’s Concept, progresses through Construction and continues until the yacht finally stops Cruising.
The Consortium has an extensive geographic spread. Some companies have offices where yachts are built and others where yachts cruise. Thus the
Consortium can provide their services at a lower cost due to their local presence through every stage of the yacht’s life.
The three professional companies of the Consortium can move fast, be flexible and provide turn-key solutions. The Consortium is happy to provide a single simple solution or a sophisticated complex package for yachts of any size. (Press release, 4 June 2013)
Press release

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