Superyacht Business at the Future of Superyachts conference (26 June 2013)

Last week the eighth Quaynote Future of Superyachts conference took place at the Nixe Palace Hotel in Palma de Mallorca. One hundred delegates gathered over the two days to discuss the future direction of the market and offer insight from their respective fields.

Patrick Coote, global marketing director of Fraser Yachts, kicked off the proceedings with a presentation on «The market of superyachts: current and future». Pertinent issues he drew attention to were yacht price reductions saying, «Too many brokers are getting listings from over-inflated prices – it’s unprofessional and sends out a terrible message to the buyers.» Coote warned that these continual price drops cause the market to stagnate as buyers sit and wait for an opportune moment to commit. He also warned that the huge growth of internet based brokers has been damaging to more traditional brokerage houses. Traditional «gentleman’s agreements» are apparently being ignored by these web-based companies, who are listing as many yachts as possible, sometimes using imagery commissioned by another company. (, 26 June 2013)


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