STP ahead of the expansion (21 October 2022)

Joan Rosselló, General Manager of STP Shipyard Palma, discusses the future of refit in Palma and its contribution to the Balearic Economy……
STP is an enormous refit and repair shipyard in Palma, Mallorca with 130,000 square metres of technical space that can accommodate superyachts with an LOA of 120 metres. It is also quite a unique facility in the refit sector because of its ‘open shipyard management model’ which permits users to choose the companies they want to work with. Most stakeholders will know that STP submitted an investment project to the Port Authority in 2019 which is expected to massively benefit the refit sector as well as the wider industry. However, for a number of reasons, these plans have been in the works for a frustrating amount of time. For this reason, we spoke with Joan Rosselló, General Manager of STP, to get a better understanding of the potential for this expansion and the true impact it will have on the Balearic economy.

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