Spanish yacht market yet to realise full potential (21 November 2022)

Lawyer & Economist, Miguel Ángel Serra, proposes a strategy to help evolve the Spanish yacht market…
preferred destinations for clients chartering large yachts. However, this in no way implies that Spain is necessarily a ‘leader’ when it comes to yachting tourism in the Med. After all, Spain is often widely surpassed by the likes of France and its popular Côte d’Azur, Italy, and the highly regarded Amalfi Coast, or even emerging destinations such as the Adriatic coast, which is attracting a large part of the market.

The reasons are undoubtedly found in the regulatory framework applicable in both countries which, in the case of France for example, undisputedly favours it for many reasons. The Spanish administration, together with the Spanish Yachting Association (ANEN) and the Spanish Large Yachts Association (AEGY), has been making an effort since 2013 to bring us closer to our main European competitors, however, we are still far from being able to compete or, simply, to facilitate the activity and let the market flow towards its preferred destination.

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