Secret life of a superyacht superhero: Serve and obey at all costs (22 April 2014)

There’s one word a billionaire’s servant should never say.
«Banish it from your vocabulary,» wide-eyed recruits are told. Because when money is no object, neither is the extent staff are expected to go in satisfying their master’s most extravagant desires.
The financial titans of the world don’t just require service par excellence — they demand superheroes at their beck and call.
People willing to swim in jellyfish-infested water, survive on four hours sleep a night, and accept every criticism with not so much as a raised eyebrow.
Observant stewards must become instant experts on their wealthy boss’s favorite meals, music tastes, heavens above even their bowel movements.
And if these foot soldiers of hospitality don’t make the grueling regime look easy — or keep quiet about the high profile lives on board — then they’re out of a job paying anything from $1,000 to $6,000 a week.
Super students
Is it worth it? The four girls training to become superyacht stewardesses, in London’s stylish St Katherine’s Docks, seem to think so.
They’re on day three of a five-day training course, the only one of its kind in Britain, and one they have paid $2,500 to join.
And what better place to learn how to serve their future masters, than on a 30-meter luxury vessel called «Absolute Pleasure» — their home and floating classroom for the week.
Emerging from their downstairs cabins just after 8am, the young women sleepily tuck in white shirts and adjust black ties before plunging into the morning’s domestic duties. They prepare a continental breakfast with enough silverware to sink a battleship.


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