Russia to overhaul yacht registration procedures (27 January 2014)

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to accelerate, simplify procedures.
The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has announced plans to implement a new system of classifying yachts with the aim of accelerating craft registration procedures. The system will allow the classification of yachts built both in Russia and abroad by increasing the number of vessel classes.
Local media reported that the new system is expected to increase the compatibility of the European Union and Russian regulations which apply to the yachting industry.
Konstantin Buryanov, director general of local shipyard Laky Verf, told news agency IAA PortNews the new regulations «will be useful if they comply with the EU Directive on Recreational Craft». Buryanov said that initially, the register did not include any specific regulations for motor yachts. As a result, the craft were treated as large vessels which caused problems with procuring adequate components for motor yachts. The director general said the proposed changes will most likely have «a positive effect» over the development of the yachting industry.
Established in 2005, Laky Verf is located in the Nevsky shipyard in Russia’s Schliesselburg. The company’s product portfolio includes motor yachts ranging from 23.9m (78.9ft) to 32.4m (106.3ft).
Set up in 1913, the RS has been a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) since 1969. (, 27 January 2014)

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