President of The Balearics speaks out about mat tax in Spain (23 June 2012)

For the first time ever, a senior Spanish politician has spoken clearly and directly in English about the importance of abolishing the 12%matriculation tax which uniquely burdens the purchase of all yachts over 8 metres registered under the Spanish flag.
Sr. Jose Ramon Bauza was interviewed by Patricia Bullock for Nautical TV Europe (NTVE) after he delivered the opening address at the 6th annual Future of Superyachts Conference in Palma de Mallorca earlier this week.

Sr. Ramon said that the Partido Popular, Spain’s ruling centre right party, were well aware of the damage being caused by this prohibitive tax, both at regional and national level.

He spoke of the importance of job creation in with unemployment at a record high in Spain, and how the well documented ‘jobs ripple effect’ resulting from an active yachting and water sports industry could contribute positively to the nation’s economy.
This particularly applies to the large yacht charter market which is almost extinct in Spain whilst it is actively encouraged with tax breaks and concessions in places like France.

Sr. Bauza said that he was confident that Spain would be back to full competitiveness with its Mediterranean neighbours in the not too distant future.
(, 22 June 2012)

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