President Bauzá inaugurates the XXXII International Boat Show Palma & Palma SuperYacht Show (May 1, 2015)

* The Delegate of the Spanish Government, Teresa Palmer, the president of the Balearic Parliament, Margalida Duran, the President of the Consell de Mallorca, Maria Salom, and the consellers of Economy and Competitiveness and Tourism and Sports, Joaquin Garcia and Jaime Martinez respectively, have attended the event
The president of the Balearic Government, Jose Ramón Bauzá, accompanied by the main authorities of the islands have inaugurated the XXXII edition of the International Boat Show Palma and the III Edition of the Palma SuperYacht Show.
During his speech, president Bauzá has described the International BoatShow Palma as “a nautical reference worldwide after years of hard work”. “This project”, he added, » has changed with the times and what is more important: with the needs of this industry. The collaboration between the Public and private sector has been absolutely important”.
Another outstanding point, as he has remarked, is that the fair is self-financed. The budget for the Boat Show this year amounted up to 450,000 euros that are provided by the private sector and by visitors (5 euros per ticket except for children and pensioners, which is free).
Furthermore, the number of visitors this year is expected to exceed last year’s (36,000 people) and reach the 40,000 visitors in those five days. This increase is, in part, possible because of the extension of the day to Monday, instead of closing on Sunday.
Exhibitors and boats
The President of the Government recalled during his speech that the XXXII edition of the International Boat Show Palma has 200 exhibitors representing 3,000 brands and 180 boats, of which 70 are superyachts (60% of them are sailboats.) Because of this, the International Boat ShowPalma is considered the largest exhibition of sailing yachts worldwide.
On the other hand, the 75% of the exhibitors are repeating this year, “which means that they trust on this event”, has stressed Bauzá.
The marine industry, the president said, «is absolutely important” because it generates 340 million euros a year and employs around 2,500 people.
It should also be emphasized that the Balearic Islands are leader in the recreational craft sector, followed by Barcelona and Cadiz.
Modernity and Tradition
The XXXII Internacional Boat Show Palma combines both modernity and tradition.
A good example of this is the variety of boats shown: from the most modern yachts to the traditional boats.
Also in this edition, the Barcáiztegui Marcial Sanchez Awards, will be given to the Escola de Mestres d’Aixa del Consell de Mallorca, which represents a perfect example of tradition in these islands.

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