Port Tarraco upgrades power system (20 May 2013)

The Spanish marina now provides a 6.6kV onshore power system for superyachts

Marina Port Tarraco in Spain has upgraded its onshore power system to 6.6kV. The revamped system is backed up with the marina’s existing 1250 amps at 400 volts.

Margarete Kalinowski, sales and marketing executive at Port Tarraco, says the installation of 6.6kV onshore power ensures Port Tarraco is prepared for forthcoming legal requirements and is ahead of the trend, which will see more superyachts using 6.6kV power systems.

The availability of stable, high-power systems from the shore means that yachts in the marina can operate using single cables connected to shore power rather than running on-board generators while in port. The indication is that in the near future there will be European directives requiring that yachts and merchant vessels in port use onshore power rather than generators.

Located at the heart of the residential area of Tarragona on the Catalonian coast of Spain, Port Tarraco has a 9m (30ft) draft and can accommodate 64 yachts from 30m-160m (98ft-525ft). (https://plus.ibinews.com, 20 mAY 2013)

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