Pinmar p3 Surface Care System (23 December 2011)

Pinmar, the world’s leading yacht painting company, is pleased to announce the creation of the p3 Surface Care System. Its nanotechnology makes it one of the most advanced restoration and coating systems in the world.
Polymer chemists and photonic engineers working together under the direction of Pinmar have developed an innovative surface care system specifically for the demanding marine environment. Pinmar’s objective was to develop a range of products that would Preserve the colour and integrity of painted surfaces, Protect against surface degradation from UV, salt and pollutants by creating a hydrophobic layer and Perform by improving laminar flow, reducing cleaning and giving a spectacular lasting shine.
The environmentally sensitive p3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for marine use incorporating only caustic-free, non-hazardous components. (Press Release, 21 December 20119
Press Release

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