New 60m+ moorings in Ibiza (5 February 2014)

PortIbizaTown is a new marina situated at the very foot of the old town of Ibiza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The marina can now accomodate yachts of over 60m up to 140m in length. Until recently yachts of this size were only able to anchor outside the harbour and enter with tenders.

The marina started operating last summer, but the facilities have been improved over the winter months. A 3.5 metre wide wooden deck has been installed as a promenade alongside the yachts. Gardening, green points with wooden covering for waste, lights and service pedestals for water supply will complete the new landscape of the marina area. Underwater a brand new mooring system has been installed.

The services offered to clients are water connection, WiFi, refuse collection, 24-hour security, a specialised service for customers (catering, laundry, packages, reservations, etc). (, 5 February 2014)


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