Mat Tax in Spain Special report published (15 June 2012)

The ongoing battle and campaign against the burden of 12% registration tax on yachting in Spain has reached another important milestone.

The major nautical associations in Spain and The Balearics have combined resources and commissioned the compilation of a 150 page economic study on the recreational yachting industry.

This is being presented to the central government in Madrid, and the autonomos regional governments with a high proportion of yachting activity such as Catalunya over the coming weeks. The main thrust of the report is to present validated statistics graphically illustrating the massive loss in foreign income, tax revenues, business growth and job creation that the outdated and uniquely applied ‘Mat Tax’ has cost the Spanish economy.

The report concludes with several clear recommendations as to how the Spanish government can re stimulate its high potential yachting and water sports sector.

A four page summary of the report has been published by the Spanish Superyacht Association (AEGY) and is available free to anyone interested in the facts.

You can request this as a pdf attachment by sending an e.mail with MAT TAX in the header to: Also the Palma de Mallorca based online nautical TV station NTVE, has produced a special bulletin covering all the key points of the study. This is online and freely accessible 24/7 without passwords or subscription from today. (BYM Product and Industry News, 15 June 2012)

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