Mark Colls On Port Tarraco’s New Advancements (October 3, 2014)

Port Tarraco is leading the way for Spanish superyacht berths and high-end luxury facilities, with new investments furthering the technological advancements Mark Colls, General Manager of Port Tarraco, speaks to about the movements underway in the region.
Working with yachts from 30 to 180 metres, Port Tarraco is one of the Mediterranean’s only ports with a 9 metre draft and it is investing a lot in being one of the most technologically advanced in the region.
“We have developed a new power connection of 6.6kV … it’s the system that we’ll use, or are using, on new yachts of 130 metres more or less and we’re the first marina in the world ready to connect these kind of yachts.”
This is backed up with Port Tarraco’s existing 1250 amps at 400 volts onshore power, making Port Tarraco now one of the only Mediterranean ports able to offer commercial and merchant marine standard power systems, which are becoming more commonly used on super and mega yachts.
Watch the above video to find out how Spain’s premium marina is leading the way for the Mediterranean port infrastructure.

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