Marina Port Vell expands (30 November 2012)

Works at the Barcelona-based facility include refurbishments and an overall size expansion

The board of directors of Marina Port Vell (MPV) in Barcelona has approved the refurbishment of the facility and an overall size expansion.

The project is set to boost Marina Port Vell as a destination for superyachts in the search for berths in the Mediterranean.

In addition, the board of directors has also approved the extension of the concession period by 10 years until 2036. The original grant of Marina Port Vell was in 1991 and includes Barceloneta, the Clocktower and Deposit Quays.

The refurbishment of Spanish Quay is supported by the State Port Authorities.

The next step in Marina Port Vell’s transformation process is garnering a final approval from the City Council. (, 30 November 2012)


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