Italian shipyards form new industry association (September 4, 2015)

A group of Italian shipyards has formed a new marine industry association to rival UCINA. Founded by leading Italian nautical manufacturers representing 25 brands, Nautica Italiana brings together top companies such as Ferretti, Azimut/Benetti, Perini and Baglietto to draw up a strategy for the development of the Italian nautical industry, both at home and abroad.

The priorities of the new association include:

– supporting exports by reaffirming the nautical industry’s credibility and reliability through the adoption of a Charter of Values;
– supporting the presence of its members at the most important international events of the sector;
– developing a system to monitor the nautical industry’s performance

The association also aims to reinforce a constructive dialogue with the relevant institutions.

The Nautica Italia board is comprised of seven members: Lamberto Tacoli (chairman); Luigi Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Boschi and Giovanna Vitelli (vice chairpersons); Corrado Salvemini (director); and Lorenzo Pollicardo (general secretary).

While remaining independent, the association is affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, which serves as a partner in creating synergies with high-end segments of other industries, such as fashion, design, food, hotel, jewellery and automotive.

Andrea Illy, chairman of Fondazione Altagamma, stated: “Eleven of the brands represented by Nautica Italiana have chosen to become members of Fondazione Altagamma, and this is an honour for us because the Italian nautical industry can boast unique expertise and achievements at the global level. The choice of forming an affiliation between Nautica Italiana and Altagamma is also an innovative step that strengthens the ability of the industries represented by our members to work together in support of that culture of economic cohesiveness of which Italy has such great need.”

Lamberto Tacoli, chairman of Nautica Italiana, commented: “Today, in the prestigious location Panorama in Milan, where we were honoured to present our association, we were literally surrounded by the history of Italian craftsmanship. This history traces its roots to the strong culture of beauty, uniqueness and harmony that combine with the ingenuity and vision that throughout the centuries have enabled Italy to generate innovation in all arts and industries.

“Part of this history of excellence and innovation of Italian industry is written daily by companies in the nautical sector, which the new association Nautica Italiana, affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, now provides a major opportunity for growth and a chance to regain the international stature that they deserve.”

Italian shipyards form new industry association

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