Italian Berthing Tax amended? (29 February 2012)

BWA Yachting says that only Italian-flagged vessels will be required to pay the tax
BWA Yachting, a provider of concierge services to the superyacht industry, has informed IBI that Italy’s controversial new Berthing Tax, which is due for implementation in May 2012, has been amended.
According to an unconfirmed report, only Italian flagged vessels will be required to pay the new tax; all non-Italian flagged vessels will be exempt.
Further, the tax will be paid on a yearly basis and no longer include an option for daily application, says BWA.
“While this is still unofficial news, it is our understanding that the final approval vote on this matter will take place either today or tomorrow morning,” says BWA. “We will be sure to follow up with official news as soon as this occurs.”
Under the original proposal, Italy’s Berthing Tax would see all craft over 5m (16ft) taxed on a daily basis if they decide to moor up inside a harbour — or anchor off outside a harbour.
Those over 24m (78ft) would be taxed at a rate of €90 per day (€32,850 per year), while craft in excess of 54m (177ft) would have to pay €190,165 per year.
All superyachts in excess of 64m (210ft) would need to pay €256,595 per year. (IBIPlus, 29 February 2012)


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