Is GT just a gross misconception? (29 August 2022)

The lingering fascination with gross tonnage affects how superyachts are valued…but is there a better metric?
The metrics by which we measure superyachts carry value connotations. But value to who? Misconceptions around the true definition of gross tonnage persist across many areas of the industry. Gross tonnage, the second figure quoted in most references to a yacht after LOA (length overall), is a measurement that traces its origin to the merchant fleet using the moulded volume of enclosed spaces of the ship. It may be, however, be an outdated measurement when simplistically attributing value to the user of a yacht.
Originally these findings were published in the Superyacht New Build Report, using Data Supplied by The Superyacht Agency and Rob Doyle Design. The latter whose reimaging of the concept of ‘usable space’ onboard the convention-busting concept «Project Fury’ led to this piece.

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