Hydrogen year zero starts (10 June 2024)

A look at the different technologies built into Feadship’s Project 821 and Sanlorenzo’s Almax, both powered by hydrogen while using distinct approaches…
Who said that the new year starts in January? For the yachting industry, the real New Year, or should we say Year Zero, began in May with the launch of two of the most advanced yachts in terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly engines.

The first ‘game changer’ vessel was launched on 4 May in Amsterdam: the 119-metre Feadship Project 821, which can be considered the world’s first hydrogen-fuel-cell superyacht. This zero-diesel yacht, to be delivered at the end of this year, is designed to sail between ports or anchorages and run the yacht’s hotel cargo and services on the zero-emission energy of green hydrogen.

The second yacht to change the rules of traditional yachting is the Sanlorenzo 50 Steel Almax, a 50-metre yacht built for Chairman and CEO of Sanlorenzo Group Massimo Perotti. It was launched on 18 May, with delivery scheduled for July 2024. This yacht will be equipped with a green methanol reformer fuel cell system capable of powering the yacht’s hotel systems with zero emissions, without storing hydrogen on board.


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