e3 Systems sells 60% of the Group equity to Grupoarbulu (18 July 2012)

e3 Systems has announced today a major step in their strategic development plan with the sale of 60% of the Group equity to grupoarbulu, whose headquarters are in Madrid.

Roger Horner, the Group Managing Director of e3 Systems said:

“We had been looking for an investment partner when grupoarbulu approached us to ask us to become part of their Global Leaders marine electronics project. After much discussion over the last year we are very pleased to have found a real partner in grupoarbulu with the same focus but also to be joining a group of companies with tremendous synergies.

The e3 Group and brand will remain unchanged and independent but we will be in the enviable position where, with a strong balance sheet and a strong major shareholder with strong international back-up support and know-how we can grow our business faster to take full advantage of the rapid growth in the marine data communications market in all sectors. We are very much looking forward to this and at the same time are actively looking for new business opportunities.”

Iñaki Arbulu, the CEO of grupoarbulu said:

“e3 Group and our Global Leaders marine electronics project form a perfect example of our continuing success in our international expansion plans combined with our introduction into new markets, such as super yachts, in which e3 has a well-established position and a great reputation. The e3 Group consists of an excellent team of top, highly qualified professionals in marine data communications with a real international mind-set that are experts in marine electronic service”. ( Press release, e3 System, 17 July 2012)
Press release

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