e3 Systems announces Atlantic Radio Telephone as certified distribuitor partner (February 21, 2018)

e3 Systems, a leading communications integrator and solutions provider for the marine industry, has approved Atlantic Radio Telephone (ART) in Miami, as one of its first e3 Certified Distribution Partners (CDP) for Kymeta products. The role of the CDP will be to deliver, design and install the award-winning Kymeta KyWay™ terminals. These slim, flat panel antennas are electronically-steered, have no moving parts and provide internet and IP-delivered entertainment content with a single panel.
The team at ART will undergo an intensive training program with e3, so that they can design and specify the right solutions for a vessel’s needs, install the system, and provide on-going support.
David Horacek, USA Director of e3, commented,
“We are very excited to have Atlantic Radio Telephone on board. We have been in discussion with them for many months and we are delighted that ART has moved forward, just before the Miami Yacht Show and Miami Boat Show. This is such great timing, as they will have representation at both events this week”.
Ken Reisch, Director of Business Development, e3, who has been setting up the infrastructure of CDPs in the US, commented,
“Now that Kymeta’s single panel solution is commercially available, following very positive sea-trials, we will be adding several more partners to join our CDP program. The response to our product offering has exceeded all expectations, and by the end of year, we will have broad, comprehensive coverage throughout North America”.
Sam Crowther, Vice President of ART, commented,
“The Atlantic Radio Telephone team is excited about partnering with e3 Systems and adding the Kymeta solution to our portfolio of products and services that help people communicate off the grid. The flat panel design will be a great fit for VSAT opportunities where a dish or dome are not feasible or desired”.



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