e3 Systems and Kymeta Collaborate to Bring Flat Panel Satellite Antennas to the Yachting Market (28 August 2013)

Low-profile, flat panel antennas will enable global access to high speed internet and HDTV services with minimal impact on yacht designe.

e3 Systems – which specializes in communication systems for high-end yachts, – and Kymeta Corporation – the company commercializing innovative software-enabled metamaterials-based electronic beamforming antennas for satellite communications, today announced that they are collaborating in the development of flat panel antennas for the yachting market. The new flat panel antennas will replace the need for large domes that today provide Internet and HDTV services to yachts and will minimize the aesthetic impact on yacht appearances.
The two companies will showcase the technology and product concepts at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, September 25-28, on the e3 booth QS85 in the Darse Sud tent. e3 Systems has also been appointed by Inmarsat as its Global Xpress Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Yachting, and will also present the latest information on the Inmarsat GX system at the show.
“Yacht designers and owners will love the Kymeta solution – no longer will unsightly satellite antenna domes ruin yachts’ fabulous lines or will attempts be made to hide them; motor yacht Venus and sailing yacht Maltese Falcon immediately come to mind,” said Roger Horner, managing director of e3 Systems. “Sailing yacht owners will also love this technology as they can avoid mounting heavy antennas in the rig. How different would the sailing yacht Meteor look?”
The Kymeta flat panel technology, which uses no moving parts and can be designed to be conformal with the vessel, will work on the new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems that are currently being deployed, and will provide high-speed Internet connectivity as well as HDTV reception to yachts while cruising or in port, enabling video streaming, video calling and other key activities that passengers and crew on yachts require. This high-speed connectivity also opens up a new range of possibilities for telematics and cloud based services for the yachts.
“Yachting is a very interesting market and a natural extension of the mobile technologies already in development at Kymeta,” said Vern Fotheringham, chairman and CEO of Kymeta. “Collaboration with e3 Systems is key in our efforts to develop a solution that surpasses expectations in the yachting industry today.” (e3 Systems Press release, 28 August 2013)

Press release

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