e3 Systems and Inmarsat launch FleetBroadband for Yachts (26 September 2013)

FleetBroadband … an alternative to VSAT?

27 September 2013 – Times are changing – and FleetBroadband is changing too. In partnership with Inmarsat, a world leader in maritime communications, e3 is introducing FleetBroadband (FB) Service for Yachts.

‘FB for Yachts’ takes a completely new look at FleetBroadband and delivers major service enhancements designed exclusively for yacht owners – while retaining the award winning features of the world’s most popular and successful maritime mobile satellite service.

So what’s new?

FleetBroadband Service for Yachts is faster. It’s comparable to VSAT but without its vulnerabilities. And, as FleetBroadband is tested every day in the roughest seas and toughest weather, yacht owners can be assured that ‘FB for Yachts’ will be reliable and robust, whatever the conditions!

‘FB for Yachts’ has a new, highly competitive pricing plan, which delivers exceptional value. Yacht owners can sign up for unlimited data at a monthly fixed price. The initial contract term is just 3 months, which is renewable on a monthly basis thereafter.

‘FB for Yachts’ benefits from low cost equipment with easy to install antennas and terminals – and as many yachts already have FleetBroadband terminals on-board, switching to ‘FB for Yachts’ couldn’t be simpler.

‘FB for Yachts’ is the first step to Global Xpress (GX); the revolutionary service planned for global availability from the end of 2014. With up to 50Mb broadband, GX can be used alongside ‘FB for Yachts’ – so any investment in FB antennas or terminals is not wasted.

Simply better

‘FB for Yachts’ features a host of practical benefits, which makes ocean connectivity much simpler:
• It is a global service, delivered through one operator – so there’s no need for automatic beam switching
• Voice calling is all part of the service and works in parallel with the broadband data service
. The antennas are supremely practical for yachts – they’re light weight (20kg) and small (50cm)
• The antennas are much lower cost than the comparable VSAT equipment – without compromising quality
• It’s simple and very quick to install.

Committed to communications at sea

Like e3, Inmarsat is committed to maritime communications. It invests billions in its satellite networks and ground stations. Maritime has always been at the heart of Inmarsat and no other company is more experienced in delivering maritime satellite connectivity.

From complete solution to vital support

‘FB for Yachts’ offers a complete communications solution. It can also be used to supplement a bandwidth upgrade on an existing VSAT or as a backup service should the VSAT fail or be in shadow.

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