e3 launch superfast 4G LTE service for yachts at Antigua Yacht Charter Show (27 November 2012)

The opening of the 51st Antigua Yacht Charter Show on 2nd December 2012 will see the official launch of e3’s Digicel 4G LTE service 4 Yachts.

e3’s MD Roger Horner commented: “e3 is delighted to be launching this brilliant new 4G LTE service designed specifically for yachts. It will improve the quality of communications for every type of yacht, owner, guest and crew. It is very fast, has massive data limits with no excess charges and covers all the main yachting locations. The contracts are for one and six months and are extremely good value. The Antigua Yacht Charter Show is a great venue to launch this new service as excellent data communications for guests and crew are a must for every charter yacht”.

The 4G LTE service will enable users to:
• Watch streaming live video on tablet, PC or MAC with no buffering.
• Watch multi-channel IPTV in HD.
• Get instant response time for email, internet , social networking, Skype, Facetime etc
• Download newspapers, movies, photos and manuals.
• Help owners, guests and crew keep in touch with business and home instantly.
• Stay connected, both at anchor and on the dock .

The service is running in all the main yachting locations in Antigua and the maximum speed achieved in tests has been well over 25Mbps. The monthly maximum data limits are set to 100GB per month for a 6 month contract and 75GB per month for a monthly contract. There is a fair access policy that reduces the data speed for the rest of the billing month should these limits be exceeded but even with this reduced speed the internet will be faster than normal 3G services.

Although Antigua is the first and only Caribbean island with a superfast 4G LTE network, Digicel also has 4G HSPA+ networks in a number of other Caribbean islands. All the equipment supplied for the 4G LTE 4 Yachts service will also run the older 4G services in the other islands…..(Press release, 27 November 2012)

Press Release

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