Cellular connectivity in the superyacht realm (13 February 2024)

With a myriad of connectivity options now available, Valour Consultancy’s Joshua Flood assesses the current state of the market and its future…
Following a recent report on maritime cellular technologies, Joshua Flood, Senior Research Consultant at Valour Consultancy, dissects an extract of some of its findings, with juicy insights from insiders in the marketplace, exclusively for SuperyachtNews.

Valour Consultancy recently completed a report on cellular technologies in the maritime market. The study covered merchant shipping in North Europe, offshore energy assets in the Gulf of Mexico, ocean cruise vessels, ‘floating cities’ in the Caribbean, fishing factories in the North Sea, and leisure vessels, such as superyachts. Getting to speak to companies serving these ‘cornucopia of the seas’ is always intriguing and insightful.

The American rock band Good Charlotte has a song called ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’. The song implies that these types of people are moaners, but my experience from this report and previous discussions is quite the opposite.


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