Captain salaries on the rise (19 January 2024)

Quay Crew’s most detailed salary report to date reveals a rise in captains’ wages following a slight decline in recent years, amongst other findings…
After a slight decline in recent years, Captain salaries are back on the rise according to findings in Quay Crew’s Captain Salary Report 2023. The detailed report also highlights how the growth of the industry is affecting Captaincy appointments, an increase in competition for placements, and a need for a more structured pay rise structure to foster longevity.

Around 300 Captains responded to the survey across a range of yacht sizes from sub-30 metres to 100 metres plus. In addition to average pay and leave, pay rise and bonus activity, the 21-page report also compares Captain and Chief Officer experience, ticket level, longevity onboard, and comparisons to Quay Crew’s 2020 and 2022 survey findings.

“In our most detailed salary report to date, we have gained an insight into the real-time compensation Captains receive, broken down by yacht size and with several other comparables too,” says Simon Ladbrooke, Captain Consultant at Quay Crew. “A key takeaway this year is that, despite a slight decline in salaries between 2020 and 2022, the average monthly pay is now higher across all size brackets, representing a median 6.75% increase.”

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