BWA Yachting launches Berkeley Rand (June 25, 2020)

The company was launched after BWA received a growing number of requests for remote yachting experiences…
With a growing number of yacht owners looking to venture to more remote destinations, BWA Yachting has launched Berkeley Rand to design and engineer off-grid yachting expeditions. By using cutting-edge aerospace technology, alongside immersive technology and artificial intelligence, Berkeley Rand’s engineers can plot, support and enhance remote yachting expeditions in a new way.

As a BWA Yachting company, Berkeley Rand will benefit from the experience of a global yacht agency. The company services more than 600 ports and has added a further 50 off-grid logistical hubs with Berkeley Rand. “There is a thirst for adventure and experiences at sea,” says Andrew Grant Super, managing director of Berkeley Rand. “We bring together the logistics, technology and creation that is needed to execute off-grid navigational journeys.”

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