Balearic government confirms anchorage restrictions won’t affect superyachts (3 June 2012)

Following a series of consultation meetings with local nautical associations, as previously reported on, Balearic government officials have issued a statement reassuring the yachting industry that rumoured anchorage restrictions will not impact cruising in the region.

A government white paper that had been widely circulated implied that minimum anchorage restrictions of 35m would be imposed on yachts over 12m, a measure that would serve to deter owners and charterers from cruising the Balearics, famed for their pristine coves and bays.

However, a change of government and an extensive process of lobbying on the part of nautical industry representatives, has combined to make the eventual outcome very agreeable for all parties.

Government representatives staged a press conference in which the details of the ‘Posidonia Weed Anchoring Decree’ were clarified. And, contrary to earlier concerns, yachts of all sizes will continue to be allowed to drop anchor in any depth of water, providing the area is not populated by the protected Posidonia weed…. (SuperyachtNews, 31 May 2012)

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