ASMEX – Conference strikes positive note as Australian superyacht sector looks to embrace new market challenges (28 May 2013)

Speakers highlight the need for a strategic advance by Australian firms into new markets, while strengthening those that already exist

The Australian marine market has been in the doldrums for four years now, the high rate of the Aussie dollar a consistent drag on growth potential for its exporters. The much talked of mining boom in Western Australia, that has helped the country avert the worst of the financial crisis so crippling the US and European markets, has unfortunately failed it seems to offer any substantive boom to the domestic marine market, merely pushing up the strength of the dollar making imported marine good increasingly appealing to consumers. Now with the mining boom coming off the boil, Australians remain nervous about what the future holds.

So it was against this backdrop the Australian superyacht industry planned its future steps at the two-day Australian Superyacht and Marine Export Conference (ASMEX) 2013, held in Sanctuary Cove on Australia’s Gold Coast last week.

The central theme of the opening day (May 21) was cohesion; working together as a country to overcome legislative brakes on forward momentum, working together as a nation to open up new markets and share insight on the best approach in doing business with them, and working together as a region to bring superyacht visitors to Australia, New Zealand and the greater South Pacific. (, 28 May 2013)

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